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My approach towards this art attempts to convey emotions, ideas, concepts, and tells a story. I tend to experiment with various techniques, styles, and subject matters to create visually compelling and thought-provoking images.I strive to create unique, imaginative, and visually striking images. They may explore abstract concepts, surrealism, social commentary, or even challenge traditional notions of photography that spark intellectual or aesthetic contemplation. I try to create meaningful and artistic images that transcend the ordinary and invite viewers to think, feel, and appreciate the photograph as a work of art..

Artist Statement

My approach

I am enthusiastic about exploring the connection between our technological advancements and the environment. Currently, my focus lies on architectural themes, and using a limited color palette is essential in conveying my intended message. Photography has a unique ability to narrate a story in a way that no other medium can, and I aim to provoke thoughtful discussions to help us progress. My framing techniques add a sculptural aspect to my work. I am equally concerned about the integrity of the reproduction process as I am about capturing the moment of connection. Therefore, I meticulously oversee every detail to ensure that each print displays the precise hue, value, and intensity of color. Ultimately, my objective is to spark a conversation about the direction of humanity in our intertwined world. The more significance the image holds, the deeper the dialogue can be.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is a beautiful form of expression that allows photographers to showcase their unique vision and emotions through the lens of a camera. Unlike other types of photography, fine art photography isn't about capturing reality or documenting facts. Instead, it is about exploring and communicating ideas in an intentional and thought-provoking way. This type of photography can encompass various subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still life, and even abstract concepts. However, the artist's intentional and conceptual use of the camera as a medium of artistic expression sets fine art photography apart. At its core, fine art photography is all about the artist. It's not just about recording what the camera sees but about capturing the artist's unique perspective and vision. Through the camera, artists can create stunning works that convey a powerful message and make a statement about their worldview. Overall, fine art photography is a fascinating and inspiring art form that allows photographers to push the boundaries of creativity and express themselves uniquely and meaningfully.

Acquire a THP Work

Limited Editions are restricted by a finite number of photographs made for each image. Once the Limited Edition sells out, no more prints will be available  The price rises as the edition sell out since less is available for the public. Images are available in different sizes.   Art festivals are the primary venue to purchase a THP work of art. Although there are on-line available, I enjoy the 1:1 interaction from perspective customers. I believe, if the opportunity presents itself, the customer should establish a rapport with the artist. This relationship helps the customer develop a deeper understanding of the work of art. I usually limit my work to 20 prints. The will typically increase between 05%-10%.  As of 2023 I have starting limiting some of my works to 1 print. If market continues to be receptive to this approach, limiting my works to 1 print may be expanded to more works.

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Unique Custom Picture Framing
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THP offers a unique artsitic framing to complement any decor. Althought my frames look great with a THP print, they can complement your special work of art as well.

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