Timothy Hall

Fine Art Photographer

The Dome Home of Cape Romano: Limited edition print. As of 4/27/2023 #10 of 20 is currently available. Recommended size in 62x32.


The Dome Home of Cape Romano, also known as the Dome House, is a unique and unconventional structure located on the southern tip of Cape Romano Island in Florida, United States. It gained popularity for its futuristic appearance and intriguing history.


The Dome Home was built in the late 1970s by retired oil producer Bob Lee and his wife Margaret. They wanted to construct a sustainable and hurricane-resistant vacation home on the remote island. The design consisted of six interconnected dome-shaped modules made of concrete, reinforced with steel bars and anchored to the sandy beach.


Initially, the Dome Home was positioned on the beach, but over the years, due to coastal erosion and rising sea levels, the shoreline shifted significantly. As a result, the structure is now partially submerged during high tide, giving it an otherworldly appearance.


The Dome Home was designed with energy efficiency in mind. The domes were created to capture and maximize solar energy, with large south-facing windows allowing for natural light and heat. Rainwater was collected and filtered for use within the house. The unique design and eco-friendly features made the Dome Home a pioneering example of sustainable architecture.


Unfortunately, the Dome Home is no longer used as a residence. It has changed ownership several times, and its current state is in disrepair. The original owners lost ownership due to bankruptcy, and subsequent owners faced challenges in maintaining and preserving the structure. Natural disasters and vandalism have further contributed to its deterioration.


Today, the Dome Home is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors who are fascinated by its unusual appearance and the mystery surrounding it. The isolated location on the island adds to its allure, as it can only be reached by boat. However, access to the structure itself is restricted, as it is privately owned.


While the Dome Home of Cape Romano remains an iconic landmark, its future is uncertain. The changing environment and ongoing decay pose significant challenges for its preservation. Efforts have been made to explore restoration options, but the ultimate hurricane Ian decimated and destroyed the structure in 2022.

Timothy Hall Fine Art Photographer
Timothy Hall Fine Art Photographer
Timothy Hall Fine Art Photographer